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Day 12 2014 Penultimate morning

Warm and sunny again today although expected to be dull later. Traffic was horrendous due to roadworks this morning so I was a little late, getting in at 8. Tamas Solymosi was interviewed last night and we showed some of his dancing on private dvds Tamas Solymosi signing after interview 2 Tamas Solymosi signing after interview and then all the teachers went for dinner Teacher dinner 1 Teacher dinner 2 Teacher dinner 3 Teacher dinner 4 Teacher dinner 5Joining us was Tim Bagnal from London, Koji Oda and Masae Kunieda from Japan and Martin Rypan the Administrator of the National Theatre Ballet Company here in Prague. A very pleasant evening.

This morning for General class we have Nadja Saidakova giving her first class in Studio 1, Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 and Vaclav Janecek in Studio 3.

Warm up Studio 1 1 Warm up Studio 1 2 Warm up studio 2 1 Warm up studio 2 2 Warm up studio 3 Water Q

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