Monthly Archives: July 2017

Ist Day evening

Still very warm here today and they reckon on 37c tomorrow. Have asked for the studios to be made cooler (but head office shuts down at 3pm). The new catering

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1st Day afternoon

Still rushing around, forgot the bottle opener again, about the fourth time, so we have quite a collection at home, and none of us drink……….. Here are some clips and

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Solo work first day

Some photos and film for you parents keen to see what happens here.

1st Day

Yesterday went very smoothly with no one missing who was not expected to be, and only minor delays, all safe and sound into the hotel. This morning is a hot

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Saturday 29th July 2017

This morning the kitchen man arrived. We are having a kitchen put in at the house after 15 years, but the man making it only does it as a hobby

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Friday 28th August 2017

Well the first arrival was at 11.00 today and she arrived 40 minutes early, I hope that is a good sign for Sunday. She arrived from Montreal. Having taken her

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