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Thank you for reading

I shall post again tomorrow from the hotel where I will be all day from 05.30 (first pick up at 04.15 though). Thank you all for reading and supporting us, we really appreciate it and we love what we do. All our friends who come over to teach love being here with us and look forward to the invite, and that shows with the way they work with the young dancers. We are a unique experience for them, giving them a glimpse of life and work in a real company. It is hard work and they need real dedication to be able to survive in this world, we lose a few occasionally but the overwhelming majority take to it like ducks to water.

A special thank you to all our teachers, Martin and Sue, Tim and Robin, Linda and Michael for always being behind us and what we do here, and of course a huge thank you to the next generation of dancers that join us and immerse themselves in us and the beautiful city of Prague.

Love and luck to you all. X 


Well done, dear boy!
You now deserve a big beer and an even bigger sleep…..
We’ve enjoyed reading every word.
Mx & Sx

Dear Ian,
Thanks so much for the great blog!
My daughter Isabella Wagar has loved the Masterclass and I have enjoyed watching the adventures via the blog and instagram from far away in Melbourne.
Congratulations to you and Daria for the great Ballet Masterclass and many thanks to all the amazing teachers and staff!
Best wishes and good health.

Thank you Ian for your brilliant blog and for all you have done for Louis (Scrivener). Many thanks to Daria and all the teachers. Louis has had a fantastic 2 weeks dancing and enjoying Prague.
Best wishes,

Dear Ian

Thank you once again for your amazing blogs and for all the wonderful work that you do. You speak appreciatively of the teachers but the biggest thanks are owed to YOU by everyone concerned. We are astonished that you are still alive after everything that you have been doing and the anti-social hours you have been keeping.

The young dancers may not say it to you but we know from some of the past students that the time they have spent in Prague has been formative in terms of life experiences as well as dancing. That, and the calibre of the faculty every year, is what makes your MasterClasses extra special.

Thank YOU again.

Linda and Michael

Dear Ian,
It was a joy to follow the blog2018 of the balletmasterclass!
Thank you and Daria and all the teachers for all the effort and enthusiasm you all have been giving to make these two weeks a life experience to Léa and so many other young dancers.
Best regards,

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