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Afternoon Last Day 15th August 2015

Grabbed a 20 minute lunch with Sabina and her friend around the corner. She is going to walk up the hill to Petrin Tower this afternoon. Too hot for me.

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Solo work Saturday 15th August 2015

Solo today with Roberta Marquez in Studio 1 for the girls and with Filip Barankiewicz in Studio 2 for the boys. There seems to be a helipcopter buzzing around outside (overhead

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What a morning!

The boy has appeared, very sheepish and embarrassed. His mother found him with a friend from Brno. She has now been in to collect his things whilst he stayed in

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Class Saturday 15th August 2015

The final classes today are Group X with Roberta Marquez in Studio 3 (Dagmar Huffova on piano). Group Y will be in Studio 1 with Filip Barankiewicz (Sergei Poluektov on

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Last day, Saturday 15th August 2015

A close 23 degrees today but only a high of 31 expected, as well as some thunderstorms this afternoon. That will hopefully clear the air a little. Two weeks have

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Afternoon Friday 14th August 2015

Managed to grab a quick bite to eat with Daria in the canteen. We are going down to Cesky Krumlov after the Masterclasses (a beautiful town that is the exact

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Solo class Friday 14th August 2015

Solo work today is with Filip Barankiewicz for the boys in studio 2 and with Roberta Marquez in Studio 1 for the girls.  

Class Friday 14th August 2015

Class today is with Filip Barankiewicz in Studio 1, Sergei Poluektov on piano. In Studio 2 we have Aaron Watkin with Jonathan Still on piano. Lastly we have Roberta Marquez

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Friday morning 14th August

The penultimate day here at the Masterclasses in Prague. 23 degrees at 8am and a high expected of 35. It has been relentlessly warm. The dancers have coped very well

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Afternoon Thursday 13th August 2015

This afternoon everyone seems completely worn out and lethargic. We have Contemporay with Vaclav Kunes in studio 2 and PDD with Daria Klimentova and Cyril Pierre in studio 1. After

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Solo Thursday 13th August

So, just had a visit from the woman who runs the hotel chain that have bought the hostel we use for the dancers. She tells me that they are happy

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ASH photos 6

Aaron Watkin class 2