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Sunday 2nd August

Long day at airport with just two bags lost. One from Paris for an Italian girl and one for Nehemiah Kish our star of the Royal Ballet who will have

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Blog 2015

Doing final preparations before driving over to Prague with the cat for the Masterclasses 2015. Very busy but exciting at same time. So much to organise. Setting up the blog

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Final Day 2014 Afternoon

It has just decided to chuck it down outside. This lasts a few minutes and then it stops. Today the canteen is closed so I hope they all brought in

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Final day 2014 solo

For solo class today there is Tamas Solymosi with the boys in Studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano. He is doing excercises today and then letting the boys run

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Final Day 2014 class

Class today is with Nadja Saidakova in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano, Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 with Dagmar Huffova on piano and in Studio 3 with Vaclav Janecek and

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Final Day 2014 Morning

Good morning everyone. Final day of the 2014 Masterclass Sessions. Another packed day followed by a party in studio 3 and lots of sad goodbyes. It has been another wonderful

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Day 12 2014 Afternoon

Next year we will have 3 large studios to work in. This means that we will do things slightly differently. We will be spreading the dancers over three medium sized groups

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Day 12 2014 Solo

A lot of dancers spending a lot of time with lots of dancers, and they couldn’t be happier. Here are two solo videos

Day 12 2014 Class

Our pianists today are Jonathan Still in Studio 1 for Nadja Saidakova, Dagmar Huffova for Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 and Sergei Poluektov in Studio 3 for Vaclav Janecek.

Day 12 2014 Penultimate morning

Warm and sunny again today although expected to be dull later. Traffic was horrendous due to roadworks this morning so I was a little late, getting in at 8. Tamas

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Day 11 Afternoon

Busy busy busy. Trying to check in dancers, look for train tickets, organise an ex-dancers dance teachers course in the future, in association with our course, ensure the dancers know how

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Day 11 solo work

Todays solo work is Tamas Solymosi with the boys in studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano and Nadja Saidakova with the girls in studio 1,with Sergei Poluektov on piano.

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