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Day 11 Afternoon

Busy busy busy. Trying to check in dancers, look for train tickets, organise an ex-dancers dance teachers course in the future, in association with our course, ensure the dancers know how

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Day 11 solo work

Todays solo work is Tamas Solymosi with the boys in studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano and Nadja Saidakova with the girls in studio 1,with Sergei Poluektov on piano.

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Day 11 before solo

Day 11 class

On piano today we have Jonathan Still in studio 3, Sergej Poluektov in studio 1 and Dagmar Huffova in studio 2.

Day 11 Gallery news

If you click the following link you will get to our gallery page where I have posted photos by two photographers, L Polak and S Gherciu, for the dancers to enjoy.

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Day 11 Morning

It was sunny when I left the house this morning but an ominous black cloud has now massed overhead, only about 22° today. Angel Corella was great with the dancers

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Day 10 PDD and Contemporary

This afternoon in Studio 1 is Angel Corella and Daria Klimentova teaching PDD and in Studio 2 we have Natasa Novotna with Contemporary. After classes today we are chatting with

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Day 10 Afternoon

This afternoon for lunch we had Turkey thing in breadcrumbs with cheese and ham stuffing or chicken with rice or pots or pesto pasta with spinach. Here are some canteen

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Day 10 solo

Today Nadja is taking solo in Studio 1 and has decided to teach Nutcracker today, and Tamas Solymosi is with the boys in Studio 2.  

Class Day 10 2014

Today for general class we have Angel Corella in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still playing the piano. Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 with Dagmar Huffova on the piano and in

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Wednesday week 2

Today is again sunny but a little cooler at the moment, 7am, it will apparently rain a bit later. Last night we spoke to Nadja Saidakova for the dancers. It

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Day 9 Afternoon

Lunch today was chicken in honey or risotto, plus the usual salads etc. The saga of the cases for the Italian boys goes on. Today we emailed back some forms

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