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Day 1 photos and video

Update on Yoel Carreno is that he is on the train to Berlin and will come down from Berlin at 10.30 tomorrow morning and I shall pick him up at

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Day 1 of the 2014 Masterclasses in Prague

  Hello, I shall start this blog off once I have collected all the dancers from the hostel. All arrived ok except and American boy who missed his flight and

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Saturday 7th Last Day

Last nights dinner was lovely, it was in the Hotel Leonardo around the corner. They gave us a private room and we spent the next two hours putting the ballet

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Friday 6th

Where does the time go? Only today and tomorrow left now. I had a complaint from the hostel about the noise last night apparently from our lot. So I have put

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Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th

I do apologise for not doing the blog on Wednesday, it was a very hectic day. As soon as class was going (Tamara Rojo in Studio 1, Vaclav Janeck in

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Tuesday 3rd

It has been a very strange day so far. This morning started ok apart from the rain and the very close atmosphere at the same time. Same teachers for class

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Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd

Spent the day at the airport on Sunday as usual, we had 14 leave and 14 arrive. Of course as the day wore on the flights got later and later.

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Saturday 31st

I’m not sure how many wild nights start at 6 and finish by 9 but a great time was had at the coaches dinner last night. Our daughter was also thoroughly

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Friday 30th

I keep forgetting that this is a Czech keyboard, so my y’s become z’s and @’s become ě’s, it looks very strange. In again at 8 this morning to set

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Thursday 29th

Managed to spend an hour with our daughter last night for the first time in a week. Played darts with her and then we had spaghetti bolognaise from the local

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Wednesday 28th

So we all went along to the Art Gallery for the opening night of Daria’s photo exhibition last night after Larissa Ponomarenkos interview and video show. Another packed house for

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Tuesday 27th

Last nights reception went well after a slight panic from DARIA and I that we may have forgotten to order the catering. The waiting staff turned up on time but

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