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Friday class penultimate day 2016

So fast as usual. Class today is with Vaclav Janeck in Studio 1 and Sergei Poluektov on piano. Studio 2 has Loipa Araujo with Jonathan Still on piano and in

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Friday 12th August morning

Good morning. Colder again today with highs of just 17°c. Whereas tomorrow is supposed to be back up to 26°c. Very unusual weather for Prague. Normally very warm this time

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Afternoon Thursday 11th August 2016

Loipa Araujo asked me to find the Czech Film School (FAMU) today so that she could visit it. Her husband attended the school in the 60’s and she wanted to

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Solo Thursday 11th

Todays solo in studio 1 is for the boys with Yoel Carreno and Jonathan Still and for the girls with Anna Osadcenko and Sergei Poluektov in Studio 2. Had a

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Class Thursday 11th August 2016

Class today will be with Vaclav Janecek, our exuberant National Theatre ballet master here in Prague who is always very popular, in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano. Studio

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Thursday 11th August 2016

Good morning. A lot cooler today with highs of 19° but at present at 7am 12°. Last night Daria had to wander around Prague all evening discussing different ballets with

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Afternoon Wednesday 10th August 2016

So this afternoon will see Groups A & B back in PDD with Tamas Solymosi and Daria Klimentova in Studio 2  with Sergei Poluektov on piano, and studio 1 will

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Solo Wednesday 10th August 2016

Solo today is in studio 1 for the boys with Yoel Carreno and Sergei Poluektov on piano. For the girls with Anna Osadcenko in Studio 2 with Jonathan Still on

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Class Wednesday 10th August 2016

Today in Studio 1 Anna Osadcenko will be with Group Y and Sergei Poluektov on piano. Studio has Loipa Araujo with Group Z and Jonathan Still on piano, and finally

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Pics from Daria 2016

Wednesday 10th August 2016

Going to be a bit cooler today and a bit duller weather wise, but of course always exciting here in the Masterclasses. Last night the talk was with Anna Osadcenko

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Afternoon Tuesday 9th

This afternoon Jan Kodet has arrived finally and will be giving his great fun modern class for groups A & B in Studio 1. Tamas Solymosi and Daria Klimentova will

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