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Solo Friday 5th 2016

Solo today will be Nadja Saidakova in Studio 2 with the girls and Jan-Erik Wikstrom with the boys in studio 1. Jonathan Still on piano with the boys and Sergei

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Class Friday 5th 2016

The background picture on this post is of the lounge in the Muchas’ house in the castle. On top of the harmonium is an early photograph of Gaugin playing the

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Morning Friday 5th August 2016

Good morning. It was raining at 6am but is seems to have stopped now. Quite a bit cooler today with highs of 17°. Fun interview with Vadim Muntagirov last night.

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Afternoon classes Thursday 4th August 2016

So today is the last class for dancers from Groups A & B with Vaclav Kunes in contepmorary in Studio 1, and in Studio 2 C & D are with

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Solo Thursday 4th 2016

In studio 1 there will be Jan-Erik with the boys for solo work with Sergei on piano, and in Studio 2 Nadja Saidakova will be with the girls and will

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Class Thursday 4th 2016

Class this morning is with Nadja Saidakova in Studio 1 with Dagmar Huffova on piano. Vadim Muntagirov in Studio 2 with Sergei Poloektov on piano and finally in Studio 3

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Morning Thursday 4th August 2016

Good morning all. Sunny day with highs of 29c. Cleaners finishing up for the day now. Package arrived from UK for one dancer. This posts’ background picture is the view

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Afternoon classes Wednesday 3rd

Nice lunch. The restaurant has been four different names since we started the Masterclasses 14 years ago, but the waiter has stayed the same. It has a nice view of

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Solo 3rd August 2016

Studio 1 will be Jan Erik Wikstrom with the boys and Jonathan Still on piano and in Studio 2 Nadja Saidakova will be working the girls with Bayadere I think

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Class 3rd August 2016

Today class will be with Nadja Saidakova in studio 1 and Sergei Poluektov on piano. Studio 2 will be with Jan Erik Wikstrom accompanied by Dagmar Huffova on piano, and

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Wednesday 3rd August 2016 morning

Good morning all. Unusual weather in Prague at the moment, sort of cloudy but bright, and a little wet in the air without raining. Here are some pics that Daria

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PDD and Contemporary Tuesday 2nd 2016

So here are some pics from PDD and contemporary this afternoon. There is a little bit of rain about at the moment but very little. Should be warmer tomorrow and

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