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Welcome to MC 2018

Hi everyone. It will soon be time to start up the blog again.

The Final Word

Well, only three extra taxis had to be ordered because of missed buses due to over sleeping. I think one or two may have overdone it a little last night.

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Afternoon Final day

So this afternoon we had Tamas and Daria with PDD in studio 2 with Sergei on piano for C & D and A & B were in studio 1 with

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Last solo classes Saturday12th August

Solo class for the girls in studio 2 with Monique Loudieres and Jonathan Still on piano and for the boys the last chance to watch Vadim demonstrate how it can

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Last Class Saturday 12th August

The final general class today will be with Jiri Horak in studio 1 with Dagmar Hoffova on piano for group Y. For group Z it will be in studio 2

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Saturday 12th August Last Day

16c with highs of 20c but no rain today. The sun came out on cue at 18.00 last night as we headed off to our teacher dinner after the interview

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Afternoon Friday 11th August

Tonight is our final teacher dinner of the year at Stoleti’s. I shall interview Tamas Solymosi for the dancers and show film of his dancing career and afterwards we all

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Solo Friday 11th August

Solo class today is Monique Loudieres with the girls in Studio 2 with Sergei on piano and with Vadim Muntagirov for the boys in Studio 1 with Jonathan on piano.

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Class Friday 11th August

Class today is with Moniques Loudieres in Studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano for group X. In Studio 1 we have Jiri Horak with Dagmar Hoffove on piano for

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Friday 11th August

Good morning. Raining as I left the house but stopped by the time I got to the studios. 17c with highs of 20c today, so a lot cooler. Set out

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Afternoon Thursday 10th August

This afternoon groups C & D will be PDD’ing with Daria Klimentov√° and Tamas Solymosi in Studio 2 with Sergei on piano and in Studio 1 groups A & B

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Solo Thursday 10th

Solo today is with Monique Loudieres in studio 2 with Jonathan Still on piano for the girls and Vadim Muntagirov in Studio 1 for the boys with Sergei Poluektov on

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