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Class 3rd August 2016

Today class will be with Nadja Saidakova in studio 1 and Sergei Poluektov on piano. Studio 2 will be with Jan Erik Wikstrom accompanied by Dagmar Huffova on piano, and

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Wednesday 3rd August 2016 morning

Good morning all. Unusual weather in Prague at the moment, sort of cloudy but bright, and a little wet in the air without raining. Here are some pics that Daria

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PDD and Contemporary Tuesday 2nd 2016

So here are some pics from PDD and contemporary this afternoon. There is a little bit of rain about at the moment but very little. Should be warmer tomorrow and

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Afternoon Tuesday 2nd 2016

I put out a load of mini cakes that were left over from the party last night and they went in a few moments. This afternoon we will have groups

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Solo Tuesday 2nd 2016

Did you see the videos I added to the bottom of the class post? This morning solo is for the boys with Jan Erik Wikstrom in Studio 1 and Sergei

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Class 2nd August 2016

Class today will be with Nadja Saidakova in Studio 1 with Sergei Polouktov on piano. Studio 2 will be with Jan Erik Wikstrom and Jonathan Still on piano and in

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Tuesday 2nd 2016

Good morning. A cool but sunny morning here in Prague. Should be about 22 later. The party went off ok last night. The girl from the USA who was ill

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Afternoon and evening

Sorry I have not been able to send any pics of this afternoon PDD or comtemporary, I had a girl arrive late at the studios and had to get her

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Solo 1st Monday

Girls solo today should be with Nadja Saidakova but she was delayed in Italy last night and missed her train to Prague from Berlin (with baby in tow). So Daria

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Class 1st August

Today the boys solo will be given by Jan Erik Wikstrom and the girls solo by Daria Klimentová. Here are some pictures of the three classes for you, and hello

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Monday 1st August

Welcome everyone to the Masterclass Blog 2016. Yesterday at the airport all day was in the end successful, but the last one came through at 1am due to the many

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Car packed

So the car is packed with all the office stuff, and about 40 A1 pictures from Daria’s photographic exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall. The cat is starting to look

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