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Class Thursday 10th August

Class today is another treat for the dancers. In studio 1 we have Jiri Horak (former senior principal here in the Czech National Ballet and ex dance partner of Daria’s)

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Thursday 10th August 2017

Finally microsoft has finished updating. 20c this morning and clear. expected 28c with some rain later this afternoon. Much quieter here today. The cleaners have handed me some rings they

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Computer updates Thursday 10th August

Sorry about this. Microsoft have decided to do updates and I have been locked out of the computer for the past 3 hours with lots needing to be done with

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Afternoon 9th August

This afternoon we have joining us Natasa Novotna (Kylian Dancer) who is one of our favorites here, for contemporary class with groups C&D in studio 1 and we have Daria

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Solo 9th August

Solo for boys in Studio 1 with Vadim Muntagirov and Jonathan on piano. Huge cheers coming from boys solo yesterday, and at the end of class Vadim spent 30 mins

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Class Wednesday 9th August

A whole year of planning and organisation and it is over in a flash. 4 days left. Class today is the final one for Aaron Watkin in Studio 1 with

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Wednesday 9th August

Good morning, a little wet this morning 18c with showers high of 27c later with maybe thunder storms. I have a treat for you. ASH have handed me their first

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Afternoon 8th August

John Mucha is in again today, he will be taking Daria and Vadim for lunch, he wants them on the board of the Mucha Foundation to make decisions as to

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Solo 8th August

I have a Korean man coming in to see me today, he is from some sort of arts thing in Korea that I don’t really understand and he wants to

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Class 8th August

Class today will be with Vadim Muntagirov for class X in studio 2 with Sergei on piano. Class Y will be with Rodolfo Castellanos in Studio 3 and Dagmar Hoffova

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Tuesday 8th August early

15c at 7am highs of 28c today. Sunny and cool on the way in. Our friends Cookie and Amber arrived last night, two photographers who are ASH photography. They have

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7th August Afternoon

Just had a quick bite with Christopher Hampson and discussed the dates for next summer, he will now try to work around the Scottish Ballet schedule to fit in his

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