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Tuesday 27th

Last nights reception went well after a slight panic from DARIA and I that we may have forgotten to order the catering. The waiting staff turned up on time but

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Welcome to Masterclasses 2010

So it’s started….  Yesterday at the airport from 06.00 till 00.00. First one in from Athens last in from Frankfurt. Only lost two Spanish boys, and then only for four hours. Two

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Farewells, fountains and fotos

Last day, warm again. Last night we all met up for dinner at a Czech Restaurant over the bridge near the National Theatre called Olympia Kolkovna. It was very nice.

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Why we love Julio

Once again a sunny day. We had a full house for Julio’s interview last night. There is not a nicer, more humble man than Julio Bocca. He has done everything

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Milan Fara’s pictures and a broken window

Slight incident at the hostel last night, a window broke whilst being opened, all ok though, i just have to pay for it. Another sunny day. Daria Klimentová is taking

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More photos & galleries

Yesterday was a bit drizzily and overcast but today is back to being warm and sunny so far. Class this morning is being given by Elisabeth Maurin (our former Paris

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How did we get to Tuesday?

Second week Tuesday already, my goodness. Barbora Kohoutkova and Vaclav Janecek for class again today, their last day. Elisabeth and Julio for solo and this afternoon Natasa for contemporary and

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Julio Bocca

We are very honoured to have with us Julio Bocca, especially as this is his first time ever doing this sort of thing. I have never had any one quite

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Le blow-up et le Satnav

Very hot today, 31-32c, I knew it was going to be so last night I got out the blow up swimming pool for Sabina to enjoy. Cynthia Harvey sent me

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All change

Another lovely sunny warm day. This is of course the last day for some of our dancers, and you can see the look of regret in their eyes, that they

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Non-stop dancers

I have no idea if anybody reads this blog, it feels like I am writing to myself. Sunny again today. One girl who arrived by train last Sunday finally came

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