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Class Wednesday 12th August

It’s a cool 24 degrees with a slight breeze this morning and only expected to be 34 maximum this afternoon. We have a change to the scheduled class today. Instead

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Wednesday 12th August

Very pleasant evening last night. We went up to the Muchas house as John Mucha was kind enough to invite the teachers up to have a look around. The house

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Afternoon sessions Tuesday 11th August 2015

Very chilled and quiet day so far. There is a calm about the place with the dancers. Photo shoots going on in studio 4 with Amber and Cookie, Daria working

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Solo Class Tuesday 11th August 2015

Solo work today is with Filip Barankiewicz for the boys in Studio 2 with Jonathan on piano and for the girls in Studio 1 with Roberta Marquez and Sergei on

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Class Tuesday 11th August 2015

Class today is with Christopher Hampson with Group Z in studio 1 and Jonathan Still on piano. Group X will be in studio 2 with Aaron Watkin and Dagmar Huffova

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Tuesday 11th August morning

Good morning. It is a cool 23 degrees this morning outside, inside is still about 29 degrees. Todays temperature will be about 36 degrees later on this afternoon. Tonight our

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Monday photos by ASH so far

Afternoon Monday 10th August

It is just so hot at the moment, I am at the point of not kmowing if it is better to leave the window open to let the air in

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Solo Monday 10th August

Solo today for the girls is with Roberta  Marquez from the Royal Ballet in Studio 1 and for the boys with Filip Barankiewicz from Stuttgart Ballet in Studio 2. It

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Class Monday 10th August

Class today is with Christopher Hampson in Studio 1 and Jonathan Still on piano. Studio 2 is with Aaron Watkin and Dagmar Huffova on piano, and in studio 3 we

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Monday 10th August

That was an eventful weekend. It started after the talk with Daria where we give prizes awarded by the teachers to the dancers they have chosen for either hard work

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Saturday 8th August all day

I’m very sorry but I have not had a moment all day to even take any more pictures. I had to go to the airport after class to collect a

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