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Thursday 24th

I though I would just add some pictures today, to try to give you an idea of the daily routine of a dancer here with us. it has been rainy

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Wednesday 23rd

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008 Up very early this morning. Car arrived at home at 0720 to take Daria to TV studios where she is to film an advert with Vaclav

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Tuesday 22nd

Tuesday sees me returning yet again to the Airport to meet Cara from the USA. return in time for lunch to find that a lady who owns a restaurant next

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Monday 21st

Monday saw a slight problem for one of the Central dancers (who were late due to a performance in London on the Sunday), who was refused exit from the UK

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Sunday 20th

So Jonathan has just managed to set up a new look blog for us, and this is the test out moment. It all went remarkable smoothly on Sunday. Me at

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