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Class Saturday 8th August

Todays class is with Isaac Hernandez in Studio 1 (Jonathan Still on piano), Evgenia Obratsova in Studio 2 (Sergei Poluektov on piano) and Vaclav Janeck in Studio 3 (Dagmar Huffova

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Saturday 8th August

Last day of first week and of course last day for some dancers. Saturday is also the day that we have no cleaners and no canteen. This of course makes

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Afternoon 7th August 2015

Grabbed a very quick lunch with my daughter and her friend by the river at the Smetena museum over looking the weir next to the studios, expensive but so is

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Czech TV filming 7th August 2015

Czech TV are in filming Daria, as usual whenever she is in Prague, so she and Nehemiah are being filmed coaching some of the dancers in Studio 1 for an

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Solo 7th August

Solo of course today with Evgenia Obratsova, and Sergei Poluektov on piano in Studio 2. Group 1 first today. The boys with Isaac Hernandez and Jonathan Still on Piano in

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Class 7th August

Class today is Group X with Vaclav Janecek, and Dagmar Huffova on piano, in Studio 3. Group Y is in Studio 1 with Isaac Hernandez, and Jonathan Still on piano.

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Friday 7th August

Where on earth did that week go? Last night with Isaac in interview was fun. He is one of eleven siblings. 11!!! His poor mother. He used to do 3

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Thursday pics by ASH


Thursday 6th August afternoon

This afternoon Nehemiah Kish and Daria Klimentova will be taking PDD in studio 2 and Jan Kodet will be giving his final comtempoary class for this year in studio 1.

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Solo Thursday 6th August

Solo work today with Evegenia Obratsova and Isaac Hernandez. With Jonathan Still and Sergei Poluektov on the pianos. Christopher Hampson safely ensconced in the studio complex now, it is fantastic

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Class Thursday 6th August

Class today will be with Isaac Hernandez in studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano. In studio 2 will be Evgenia Obratsova with Sergei Poluektov on piano and finally in

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Thursday 6th August

Godd morning, once again a sunny warm day here in old town Prague. Cookie and Amber have gone out for breakfast along the river and I am opening up the

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