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Wednesday 5th August goodnight

Good night, until tomorrow then. Please have a look at ASH photography’s pics at this link: ASH and of course look through all the posts to see video and pics of

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PDD and Contemporary Wednesday 5th August

Well here we are nearly at the end of another day. We are all very hot and by now the dancers will be a little sore all over and sleep

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Afternoon Wednesday 5th August

Very sorry that I have been too busy to update you today so much. I have set up the gallery page with ASH photography’s pictures so far, which you may

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Class Wednesday 5th August

Class this morning, 10.00 – 11.30, will be with Nehemiah Kish in Studio 1 with Jonathan Still on piano. Daria Klimentova in Studio 2 with Sergei Poluetkov on piano, and

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Wednesday 5th August

Good morning all. Another beautiful sunny and warm day here in Prague. Cookie and Amber the photographers have headed off to the river  (a 30 second walk away) to get

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Afternoon Tuesday 4th August

So busy at lunch time (dancers buying Daria’s mothers leg warmers) that Sabina and I missed the canteen that closes at 3 so we went out to Cafe Slavia up

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Solo Tuesday 4th August

Solo with Evgenia Obratsova for the girls and Isaac Hernandez for the boys. Just had to walk with a girl to the chemist to get some specialist antiseptic cream and

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Class Tuesday 4th August

Just bumped into Isaac coming back from breakfast near Charles Bridge. He is so jet lagged from San Francisco still. He falls asleep at 18.00 every night so far, even

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Tuesday 4th August morning

Good morning. It is a beautiful sunny warm morning here in Prague and the day is about to take off. Class this morning is with either Daria Klimentova in Studio

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First night party 2015

So it seems to have gone very well. My two Italian girls remembered the way here from last time so I didn’t even need to walk to the hostel again.

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Afternoon sessions Monday 3rd August

So after a good cooked lunch in the canteen for three of us with drinks for less than 10 pounds we go into Pas de Deux in Studio 2 with Daria

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Solo, day 1, week 1, Monday 3rd August.

So solo work today is with Evgenia Obratsova for the girls and Isaac Hernandez for the boys. How lucky are they??  Two short videos of the boys class and some

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