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All change

Another lovely sunny warm day. This is of course the last day for some of our dancers, and you can see the look of regret in their eyes, that they

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Non-stop dancers

I have no idea if anybody reads this blog, it feels like I am writing to myself. Sunny again today. One girl who arrived by train last Sunday finally came

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Mornings in and boys’ nights out

My goodness doesn’t time fly, spent the morning, before the dancers arrive, posting all the maps and plans as to how to get back to the airport for the ones

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Monday, tuesday, happy days, wednesday…?

Wednesday is always a funny day for everyone. There have been two days of everyone really going for it and today they normally wake up a bit sore and wanting

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Formula 1, frogs & legwarmers

Daria Klimentova and Cynthia Harvey giving class again today. It is colder and slightly overcast today. Cynthia’s husband arrived at lunchtime, he is a race Director for a Formula 2

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Walk this way…

Took my walk to the hostel this morning at 08.15 to go and collect the dancers that have not been before, but instead of describing the walk I have made

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Another 100% arrival rate!

All 60 arrived safely between 06.00 and 23.00 on the Sunday. And 09.00 and 16.00 on the Saturday. Amazed we still have a 100% record of never missing a dancer

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SatNav & the Jungle

Arrived at 01.00 this morning. Got up at 06.45 to go and collect hire car. Not hired one before, thought I’d give it a go. Bought a SATNAV in England

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Loose ends

Finally Daria has finished running around the world guesting and arrived back from Italy last night. She has been dancing with Carlos Acosta in his own show, as well as

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Happy New Year

Happy new year to all of you out there. We have finally lined up all our teachers for next summer, and will be posting a new front page etc by

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Balletmasterclasses Week 1 by Daria Klimentova (version 1) Balletmasterclass Week 1 by Daria Klimentova (version 2) Daria Klimentova’s videos starring: Christopher Hampson, Beatrice Knop, Jan-Eric Wikstrom, Yat-Sen Chang, Ian Comer,

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Sunday 27th

So there we were, everything going so smoothly, great interview with Daria Klimentova last night, all the teachers turned up and started swapping funny stories of things that go wrong

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