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A walk around the old monastery frescoes

Monday 6th Solo class with Vadim and Liudmila

Today for solo class in Studio 1 we have Liudmila Konovalova, prima ballerina in Vienna, and in studio 3 we have Vadim Muntagirov from the Royal Ballet in London with

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Daria film of Jason solo class

Daria’s video collection from Saturday


Christopher Bruce was woken at 6am by the men repairing the square outside the studios (his window opens onto it) so I am trying to move him to another apartment

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Sunday into Monday

Good morning all, cooler today, 18c now with highs expected of 29c. I hope so, it’s been too hot really. Saturday night Daria and I did the prize giving during

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Video from Daria of Anna and Rodolfo’s classes this morning

Julio and Daria

Videos from Daria of girl solo class with Anna

Saturday 4th afternoon

I apologise for my lack of posts today, I have been very busy with airport runs and taxi organising for tomorrow. Collected Julio Bocca and brought him to the studios

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More photos from Milan Fara 2018

Photos of Anna Osadccenko class by ASH