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Monday Evening at Restaurace Století

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jonathan_daria1.jpgWe treated ourselves to a nice meal after our weekend efforts. This photo is just to make Hampy jealous.

Monday 30th

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masterclasses_day_1.JPGWell yesterday went very smoothly, all met at airport or station and at hostel safe and sound, and only one bag lost which turned up at the studios today. Now the first classes of the day are underway, after our short talk with everybody, and I have to shoot off to the airport again to meet a dancer coming in from Canada via Frankfurt.

This is the scene at 9.40 this morning, as everyone gathered before splitting up into different classes.

Saturday 28th

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So 19.00 and met 4 Americans and one Israeli so far, and Jonathan (our pianist and partner)has landed and is on his way to the Studios. We will then have dinner and aim back to the airport to meet a flight in from Edinburgh. Then, all being well, drop that dancer off at the hostel and aim home for the night. First flight in at 06.20 tomorrow, and last at 00.20 the next day.

Me at airport and Jonathan at Hostel. Ahhh!!! the joys of airports.

 Daria will be on stage in 20 minutes in Paris. they have built a stage on the lake at the Chateau de Versailles, and ENB are perfoming Swan Lake there with Daria as Odette/Odile. Unfortunately her usual partner damaged himself two days ago so she will be dancing with a new partner (Friedemann Vogel of Stuttgart) for the first time with only 2 hours rehearsal. To say she is a little nervous is very English of me.

mup.jpg A safe journey to all of you who are travelling this weekend. Please check this noticeboard regularly for information. Just so you know what I look like if I'm meeting you at the airport, this is me, Ian Comer, on the left.

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