Friday 10th


Thursday and Friday are always slightly lethargic days. All the dancers are starting to feel the effects of working all day everyday, and it has also been very humid the last few days. My daughter Sabina (aged 6) made everyone paper fans yesterday to cool them down. During the interview with Daria Pavlenko last night the heavens opened, with tremendous cracks of thunder and flashes of lightening shaking the area, it was quite exciting. So we all decided to stay in the studio watching more of Daria's videos till the storm passed, and very good it was too. She told us that she has no favourite role, the favourite is the one she is doing at that moment, so when I asked her for her favourite therefore at the moment, she said "holidays".  

That made them all laugh. The dancers really like her. Her English is very good, even though she thinks not.

Daria Klimentova class.jpg
 Ian in office.jpgDaria Klimentov√° is back giving general class today and tomorrow. Last night she spent two hours in the lower studio with a film crew, being interviewed for this 50 minute documentary they are making about her. They have been following her all over the world for the last two years and this was to be the final piece to camera. However they have now signed her up to be able to follow her for the next 5 years for another documentary.

Nina Brzoradova class.jpg After class 1.jpg 

Tomorrow, being the last day, usually finds all the dancers having a renewed energy. we have ordered the party food and drink so we are all looking forward to a good evening. Lots of new friends have been made, some will last a lifetime, and it is a little sad to be coming to an end, but there is always next year.(28th July - 9th August provisionally).

To studios 2 & 3 and office.jpgOne of the boys from Mary Goodhew at Elmhurst arrived late last week because he had been very ill, but he has not really got his strength back yet, we have had him taking it very easy, and he is so frustrated and annoyed with himself for not being able to join in more and do it all full out. But that is the way it goes and you can do yourself more harm than good by working too hard when you are weak. And as I said there is always next year.

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