Sunday-Monday 5-6th August

First new arrivals landed at 06.15 this morning, oh joy! Next at 16.00. Very few this week as 90% are here for the full two week course. This is my view each arrival day: Arrival Hall-1.jpg

Afternoon tea in the Town Hall 2-1.jpg














Left my Czech mobile at home so set off back to get it and missed all the excitement of Katya losing her passport. Jonathan dashed over to the hostel to supervise police station visits and Embassy (we know the British Ambassador) only to have it found again down the back of her bed by a most embarassed and apologetic Katya. I turn up to meet Jonathan for lunch oblivious of all this thank goodness. After lunch I meet up with Rebekah Downing at her hotel to give her her security pass and then off to the Obecni Dum (Town Hall) for a coffee before heading back to the airport. Found a whole group of dancers doing the same thing.

Get a call from Adrian Both to say he has arrived, I forgot the time, so dash pass the pig on diving board, into taxi and off to airport.  Pig on Diving Board-1.jpgOnce met, we put him into the Cedaz Mini bus and aim for the hostel.

Cedaz Mini Buses-1.jpg














I of course have to then wait for the Teachers and the last of the dancers to arrive. Amy Hollingsworth sneaks up on me before I can spot her, she has only missed one year with us in the last 5. Great to have her back. Next up is the lovely Daria Pavlenko., I put her in a taxi to the studios where Daria (Kilmentova of course) is waiting for her with our daughter. Harmony from Rome and Laura form the UK are next and finally Jan-Eric Wikstrom, the senior Principal of Royal Swedish Ballet and an old friend. I go back with Jan-Eric to meet up with the two Daria's and Jonathan and Amy (who has her sister coming tonight). Dinner at Stoleti's. Back to airport for 21.30 for Andrew Peasgood our last dancer to arrive this year. After hostel check in, home at last for midnight. 

Monday morning back to the hostel for 08.30 to meet the few new ones who do not know anyone else (4 of them) and walk them to the studios. Amy and Vaclav give class today, Jan-Eric does Amy's discreetly at the back. Daria Pavlenko comes down at 11.30. She is very nervous to coach her first solo class, she is doing variations from Raymonda. But of course as soon as she starts to work with the girls everything is wonderful. For the girls just having someone of her stature in the room with them is an inspiration on its own. And so it should be!!

Some of the boys were telling me that they hired some bicycles from the shop opposite the hostel yesterday, and then followed a route that the shop recommended and cycled right up to the top of the castle and back down the opposite way. They said it was great fun but it completely exhausted them as it was also so hot.


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