Wednesday 1st

Sofiane Sylve ( ) is giving class today and tomorrow in the downstairs studio and Maina Giegud ( ) in the Upper. Patrick Delcroix ( ) our contemporary teacher has sneaked in at the back to do Sofiane's class, and one of the Principal dancers of the National Theatre has asked to take Maina's as she knows her form a long time ago. Jiri, our Physio, is doing a remarkable job as usual in keeping them all fit, and Jan our masseur is extremely popular with everyone including the teachers, his list is full. In the background while I am writing this I can hear Jonathan playing the Monty Python Theme for an excercise.

Sofiane class.jpgJust nipped in to give Sofiane some water, that I forgot about, and she has quite an audience, even Larisa Lezhnina ( ) is sitting under the piano watching her, talk about extra pressure.

My daughter strained my neck last night, she hadn't seen us for 5 days so was a little over excited at home and was jumping all over me. She goes to visit a girlfriend of hers today while Daria teaches this afternoon.

I get to interview Sofiane tonight for the dancers, and then they get to ask the questions, if it is anything like the interview with Patrick Delcroix last night we could be in for a long night. Lots of questions.

Sofiane is so good with the dancers and works for an extra 20 minutes after class with some girls who are trying so hard. This of course only gives her 10 minutes before she has to start 2 hours of solo coaching. Well if anyone can teach you how to turn!!!!!!!!

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