Wednesday 8th


This is the view if you exit the studios and walk 50m straight ahead. Charles Bridge with the Castle above. Jack Thorpe-Baker's birthday last night and Rym Kechacha's last Saturday. What a fantastic way to celebrate your coming of age. In Prague on a hot day, surrounded by friends and doing what you love to do, dancing. They are very lucky I think. They all went on a boat trip after the video and interview with Jan-Erik Wikstrom and then ended up with lots of cake (apparently) etc in the bar. Amazingly none of them looks the worse for wear this morning. 

So Nina Brzorádová (Ballet Mistress of the National Theatre Company here in Prague and ex ABT) is to give general class the next three days in the upper studio, and Daria Pavlenko ( ) will give general class in the lower studio today and tomorrow. Jan-Erik and Amy are taking Nina's class today to give Daria Pavlenko time to settle in before they take hers tomorrow.

Daria Pavlenko solo class 1.jpg
Have now handed out all the Theatre tickets for tonights show at the Image Theatre ( ) one and a half hours of mayhem and no interval. 
Between class and solo.jpg
Whilst waiting for their groups' hour of solo work with Daria Pavlenko, the girls either watch the boys solo class, put the world to rights in the canteen or, as in the picture, grab some shut eye.
Daria Pavlenko solo class 2.jpg

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