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After 18 years as Prima Ballerina with English National Ballet in London Daria has announced that she will be leaving the company after her performance of Juliet in Derek Deanes’ Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall on 22nd June 2014 with Vadim Muntagirov. Here are some backstage photos from this last month on tour:  

Daria’s book was released on 4th March 2013 and is available for order from Amazon now.

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Daria Klimentova has been one of Britain’s best-loved ballerinas for two decades, having danced at Scottish Ballet and then – since 1996 – as a Principal and Senior Principal at English National Ballet. Her repertory encompasses all of ballet’s classic roles including the double role or Odette/Odile in Swan Lake. Her performances as the white and black swan at the Royal Albert Hall were the subject of a behind-the-scenes BBC Documentary in 2011. Daria was born in the former Czechoslovakia and lived under the rule of the Soviet Union until the Velvet Revolution of 1989. She initially trained as a young member of the Czech Olympic Gymnastics Squad before transferring to ballet. After a year as a Principal dancer in the Czech National Ballet, she moved to dance with the Cape Ballet Company in South Africa, where she witnessed the end of apartheid. In her 40s, at an age when most ballerinas have retired, Daria continues to captivate audiences with her impeccable technique and free flowing natural grandeur. In the twilight of her career, Daria had forged a remarkable partnership with the young Russian Principal, Vadim Muntagirov, which critics have likened to the Fonteyn/Nureyev dynamic. Daria was awarded the Critic’s Circle Patron’s Award by Dame Beryl Grey in 2011 and the National Dance Award for Best Female Dancer in 2012. Away fom ballet Daria is an accoplished professional photographer who ha s exhibited her work widely. She has a dauhter, Sabina. This is a video of Daria and Vadim Muntagirov in the pas de deux from Swan Lake at the Kremlin in summer 2012. Daria Klimentová is the Prima Ballerina of English National Ballet. She trained at the Prague State Conservatory. Daria has been awarded the Dance Critics Circle, Dancer of the Year Award 2011. She has also just returned from Moscow (August 2012) where she was performing Swan Lake with Vadim Muntagirov at the Theatre in the Kremlin. It is an enormous stage and holds 6000 audience, (including President Putin). Daria was worried about taking Swan Lake to its’ home but the Russian critics said “Normally it is thought that only the Russian Ballerinas are truly empathetic with Swan Lake, however this was proved wrong with Daria Klimentová’s wonderful performance”. That is a fantastic compliment from the Russian public. In 1989 she joined the National Theatre Ballet Company in Prague as a soloist and after one year was promoted to Principal. In 1992 she joined Cape Ballet Company in South Africa as principal, where her repertoire included; Swanilda in Coppélia, Ophelia in Hamlet, Lead couple in Rudi van Dantzig’s Four Last Songs, Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker and Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. In 1993 she was invited to join Scottish Ballet as Principal, where her repertoire included; Lead role in Swan Lake, La Sylphide, Cinderella, Anna Karenina (A.Prokovsky), Haydn Pieces, and Ae Fond Kiss (both by Mark Baldwin). Lead couple in Scottish Symphony (G. Balanchine) and in Bruch Violin Concerto No 1 (C.Tippet), and Wendy in Peter Pan (G Lustig).

For all the latest news of Daria click on this link. In 1996 Daria was invited to join English National Ballet as Principal Dancer. She has danced most of the roles in the company’s repertoire, including Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet, and Coppélia. She has also worked closely with choreographers such as Glen Tetley (London & Prague), Mark Baldwin and Christopher Hampson, and danced the works of George Balanchine. In 2001 she danced at the London Coliseum with Irek Mukhamedov in a piece choreographed by Irek for them, for a “KIDS” charity Gala. Daria has won a number of awards including the Prize of the Paris Dance Foundation at the Prix de Lausanne, Tokyo 1989, and the Gold Medal at the International Ballet Competition, Pretoria 1991. Film roles include Marguerita in The Lady of the Camelias and Tatiana in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In 1998 Daria’s life was the subject of a documentary film, and there have been three others made since then so far. Czech TV are following her until her retirement.

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2008 saw the start of the dance partnership of Daria with Friedemann Vogel of Stuttgart Ballet. So far they have created roles in Derek Deanes’ “Strictly Gershwin” and have caused quite a stir with critics in MacMillans’ “Manon” “As the eponymous heroine, Daria Klimentová gave a memorable performance the night I went. Her refined technique and her acting abilities are perfectly suited to the psychologically multifaceted demanding role. Luckily, she was partnered by Freidemann Vogel, from Stuttgart, who is simply one of the best portrayals of des Grieux I have seen in my life. His sustained legatos and his powerful acting contributed majestically to the drama of the final duet,  making viewers gasp with excitement and participation.” Giannandrea Poesio The Spectator. “On Sunday Daria Klimentova stomped all over the role in a quite breathtaking performance of subtlety and honesty – one of the finest interpretations I’ve seen and certainly the best this season in London. She couples such dramatic nuance with the most beautiful fluid movement – not an ugly bone to be seen as her limbs lightly caress the air and floor. It’s movement that makes me deeply contented as all technical mechanics disappear leaving the essence of art and emotion. This is a Manon that turns all heads with her natural elegance and your eyes don’t easily move away. Her Des Grieux was also a thing of beauty – Friedemann Vogel – and just standing on stage he looks the total package of classical dance beefcake. And as a mover he has it all with a commanding technique and as an attentive partner. ” Bruce Marriot www.ballet.co.uk “And then a revelation. The lack of scenery and velvet didn’t matter so much anymore. Daria Klimentova and Friedemann Vogel began to dance together, and for me, everything else on the stage faded away, as it did for them. There were just the two of them; no sleeping beggars, no carriage waiting to whisk them off into the future, no tables, no chairs. Just a young, delighted, almost bewildered boy, not quite understanding this overwhelming thing that he needed to express with such physical yearning. And a young girl who, although knowing full well her effect on men, was for the first time having her heart opened up and filled with an honest man’s love. Their joy was passionate, consummated in the most sublime pdd all the way through the piece. I already was feeling miserable and had a lump in my throat at the end of Act 1. Klimentova has been waiting her whole career for a chance like this. This role has been coursing around her veins and tormenting her soul, begging to be let out. Today Daria released it, with a passion and technical prowess I have never seen from her before. She has for so long wanted to dance a dramatic ballet such as this, and I can only feel a pang of regret that it didn’t happen earlier in her career. A feeling of ‘who knows what might have been’ is niggling at me. However….maybe it is now that she is ready. She has finally found, in the Stuttgart Ballet principal Vogel, her artistic soul mate and perfect partner. He is tall, he is beautiful, he has an assured technique with the best extension and most gorgeous arms on a male dancer I’ve seen for a very long time.” Simonetta Dixon www.ballet.co.uk This is a short film of Daria’s dancing with Vadim Muntagirov: This is the finale from Daria’s gala at the National Theatre in March 2010: This is the first part of seven available on YouTube of a documentary of Daria made by Czech TV: This is Daria and Friedemann Vogel in “Summertime” from Derek Deanes “Strictly Gershwin”: This clip is from the Masterclass Sessions in 2008, Daria and Tamas Solymosi demonstrating split Jette before teaching it: This is two clips of Daria with Julio Bocca at the Masterclasses 2009 having fun with pirouettes: This was an advert that was running in the Czech Republic to help promote their Presidency of the EU during 2009. This is a short promo for Coppelia by English National Ballet: This is a short extract from Double Concerto by Christopher Hampson, created on Daria and Jan-Erik Wikstrom: And finally for a blast from Daria’s past:


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