Marc Ribaud




Born in Nice, 05-07-1966

Nationalities : French and British

Fluent spoken languages : English, German, Italian


Marc Ribaud studies at the Lycée Albert 1° in Monaco, and from 1979 -1986 at the “Académie de Danse Classique Princesse Grace” in Monaco, under the direction of Marika Besobrasova.


In 1986 he first joins the Bonn Opera Ballet under the direction of Peter Van Dyk , and very quickly performs as a soloist.

In 1988, Youri Vamos becomes artistic director of the same company, and he performs important roles in each of Vamos creations.

(Nutcracker,Spartakus,Paganini,Lucidor,Sleeping Beauty,Tchaikovski,Carmina

Burana,Julien Sorel,Theseus and Ariadne,Swan Lake,A Mid-Sommer Night’s Dream etc…)

In 1991, when Vamos takes over the directorship of Basel Ballet, he joins the company as a soloist, and in 1996 follows him at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf.

He dances for many choreographers : Judith Jamison, Heinz Spoerli, Mats Ek, Nils Christe, Itzik Gallili, Lazlo Seregi…


His carreer as a choreographer began with Bonn Opera Ballet in 1988 : “Love songs” (Mendelssohn) , and “Impressions” (Philip Glass) with Basel Ballet.

In 1993, a solo “Ozark” (music Pat Metheny). In 1994, he created the choreography of the world premiere of the musical “Jonathan Livingston Seagul” for the Welt Tanz Festival in Basel.

In 1995, a solo to Kol Simcha’s music performed in Seoul (South Corea)

In 1996, the ballet “Shpiel es” (to Kol Simcha’s music) performed 35 times in the opening season.

In July 1997, he becomes Artistic Director of the Nice Opera Ballet.

He sets “Shpiel es” with the company with great success.

He has created for the Nice Ballet the following choreographies:

in 1998, “J.S. Bach” (Bach)

in 1999, “Flux et reflux”(Philip Glass),

– “The Nutcracker”(Tchaikovsky)-Full lengh

– In 2000, “La fille mal gardée” (Herold arranged by Lanchberry)-Full lengh

– In 2001, “Zig-zag”(Waechter),

– “Roméo and Juliet”(Prokofiev)-Full lengh

– In 2002, “Boléro”(Ravel),

– “Cinderella”(Prokofiev)-Full lengh

– In 2003, “Circus Ballet”(Rota),

– “Coppélia”(Delibes)-Full lengh

– “Symphonie Classique”(Prokofiev),

– “Passion”(Beethoven),

– “Chassés-croisés”(Berlioz)

–In 2004 “Carmen”(Bizet-Shchedrin)

During his directorship, the Nice Ballet has performed in 14 Italian cities (including Rome), 3 Spanish cities, at the Monaco Dance Forum, in several French festivals such “Les estivales de Carpentras”, “Les nuits du Château de Sollies-pont”, St Quentin en Picardie, Aix-en-provence, at the Vichy Opera, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, and in many cities of the south of France.

In September 2005, the Nice Ballet was invited to perform in the famous French Dance festival “Le Temps d’aimer” in Biarritz.

Some of the choreographers performed by the Nice Ballet under his direction :

John Cranko (“Onegin”), Hans Van Manen (“Songs without words”),

Nils Christe (“Pulcinella”,”Sync”,”Funf gedichte”,«Purcell Pieces», «Symphony in three mouvements») Youri Vamos («Carmina Burana»,«Swan Lake», «Summer nights dream», «Romeo and Juliet») Robert North (“Troy games”),

Richard Wherlock (“K551”), Mauricio Wainrot “Le sacre du printemps”,”Le Messie”), Myriam Naisy (“Blanc pur”,”Chant de chair”), Kirsten Debrock (“Double level”,”Les nuits d’été”,”Lui e lei”).

He has created the Choreographies for the Operas :

Aïda (2005) and La Gioconda (2006) in the Nice opera.

Marc Ribaud was invited by the San Carlo Ballet in Naples in 2002 (“Shpiel es”). Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires in 2004 (“Boléro”), Tel Aviv Opera in 2005 (“Samson and Dallila”), Teatro Regio in Torino in 2005 (Aïda), Toulon Opera in 2006 (Aïda) and a ballet evening composed with four of his

choreographies (“Symphonie Classique”,”Passion”,”Shpiel es”,”Boléro”).

He his regularly invited as a jury member by the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, and in International Ballet Competitions. Since a few years now, he has been the President of the Jury for the International Classical Ballet Competition in Grasse (France).

During his directorship with the Nice Ballet, he has been regularly teaching class to the company with great success.

He is regularly invited to teach class as a guest in Düsseldorf, by the Balletto Teatro di Torino, the Gothenburg Ballet…

After his departure from the directorship of the Nice Ballet in September 2006, he was working as a guest ballet master and choreographer.

He was a permanent guest Ballet Master with the Royal Swedish Ballet for the season 2007/2008.

During this period his works as a choreographer included :

A new version of the full lengh ballet « Don Quichotte » for the Izmir National Ballet in Turkey which was created in March 2008.

– A revival of his ballet «Shpiel es» for the Croatian National Ballet in Split, in april 2008..

– The revival of the choreography he has created for the opera La Gioconda was performed by the Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv in May 2008

– Since July 2008, he has been the Artistic Director of the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm

He his the father of a beautiful little girl, Jade, aged 7.Jade’s mother, Sandrine is also an

ex ballet dancer, her seventeen year old, Kim, also lives with them.