Options & Fees

One Week Intensive Course

Note: to see who is teaching in which week, please see the ‘Classes‘ page.

Also please note that the price of the course is liable to change slightly due the value of the £ and € and Czech Krona, but the price at the time you apply at will be set at that time in your acceptance letter and will be what you pay and will not increase.

Week 1: Arriving Sunday 30th July 2017, leaving Sunday 6th August 2017


Week 2: Arriving Sunday 6th August 2017, leaving Sunday 13th August 2017

Package fee*, including accommodation £990 (sterling) or  €1290 (euro)
Course only fee, no accommodation: £870 (sterling) or €1100 (euro)

Two Week Intensive Course

31st July- 12th August 2017:  Arriving on Sunday 30th July 2017, and leaving on Sunday 13th August 2017

Package fee*, including accommodation: £1610 (sterling) or €2150 (euro)
Course only fee, no accommodation: £1410 (sterling) or €1860 (euro)

*Included in the package are all lectures, classes and masterclasses, a reception on Monday 31st July and a farewell buffet party on Saturday 12th August attended by ballet staff and participants. Travel to and from the airport will be organized for you if you are staying at the hostel through our booking, and you must inform us of your travel arrangements at least one week in advance of arrival. Please arrive before 21.00 (9pm) on the Sunday before the course starts.

A non-returnable deposit of £200 or €250 will be required, but not until you have received confirmation that you have been accepted on to the course. This deposit must be paid within two weeks of acceptance.

The fee for the course option of your choice must be paid in full by July 1st 2017 or it will be assumed that you will not be attending, and your place may be offered to another candidate, with the loss of your deposit.

Sunday 6th August is a free day for attendees of the two week course, but we can advise you about independent tourist trips if you want to explore the beautiful surrounding area.